New Maps to Global Offensive for Counter Strike : Operation Breakout

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Valve announced new things coming out for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. New updates are revealed including new maps along with the introduction of mission drops. Counter Strike: Global Offensive will be having their latest updates. Guess what? Operation Breakout will be adding not one but six new maps all thanks to the hard work of the CS community.

Here?s the list of the maps that you will get from the new update;

  • BlackGold
  • Castle
  • Insertion
  • Mist
  • Overgrown
  • Rush

All maps are available in casual, death match, and competitive modes in official matchmaking to everyone. ?You can also purchase the Operation Breakout All-Access Pass for $5.99 including a variety of additional contents. Players will be spending a lot more money for the upcoming updates of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. There are some advantages for those who rip off their wallets as they will receive a challenge coin for the operation. In-game rewards are also available if you can beat these challenges through getting the required kills using a specific weapon or finishing a certain match. There are 3 collections of weapon finishes that will be rewarded to you if can beat these challenges:

  • Overpass Collection ? inspired by the Overpass Map.
  • Baggage Collection ? comes from ?around the world?.
  • Cobblestone Collection ? comes from the Cobblestone Map

There?s also this Operation Case that comes with the Operation Breakout. It is a set of drops that comes from the community?s top 14 weapon finishes. For those who has the Operation Breakout coin, you will be able to win some of these community-created weapon finishes along with regular drops. You can also keep track of your progress as players can just visit their Operation Journal and check it from there.

While all these offers look great, Valve might be receiving flanks of criticism from players as these updates seriously hoard up all their money. But who could blame Valve, their releases are awesome and pretty much enjoyable.

But anyway, if you want to know what’s new in the game. click here to view the change log

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