The New MacBook: Mixed reviews; not Google Chrome-friendly

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The MacBook with the Retina display has been heavily promoted since its launch. It?s supposed to be an innovative, sleek, fresh laptop that would pave the way to the future.

Instead, according to this article from Tech News World, reviews range from lukewarm to mediocre for the new MacBook. What?s notable about it is its very poor battery life, when compared to its cousin, the MacBook Air. That doesn?t bode well for the new MacBook, which is being touted against another well-designed laptop, the Dell XPS 13.

The drain on the battery might be because of the programs available on it. According to Cult of Mac, the problem lies with certain programs drawing too much power on the battery to operate. Such is the case of the new MacBook with Google Chrome. The popular web browser appears to be the cause of the MacBook?s energy headaches, although could it be because Chrome does have a model well-designed for its browser?the ChromeBook?

Glaring Problems

The problem with the MacBook seems to stem from the fact that the battery life, despite the Core M, isn?t as good as promised.

From this report by Tech News World, reviewers are pining for a longer battery life for the new MacBook. Relying on the magnificence of the Intel Core M just isn?t enough, the review seems to say. In one of the tests, a new MacBook ran out of juice just after five hours. This had the screen at full power and other features turned on, such as the WiFi and the iTunes media player.

According to the same report, it wasn?t even the laptop which Wired magazine labeled an ?8 out of 10?. Readers and reviewers alike were incensed at what appeared to be a biased review by the magazine, with user zaxtervid saying, ?Apple FanBoy here. I?ll pass on this laptop, thanks. It?s an overpriced NetBook?.

No Chrome for the MacBook

The trouble for the new MacBook seems to stem from a browser which is handled by the same company producing its competitors.

Google Chrome, Google?s popular website, was cited by a Cult of Mac report as the source for the MacBook?s seeming woes. In the same article, Apple?s Safari browser saved the laptop an additional 8 hours and 18 minutes before shutting down on its own. In contrast, using the Chrome browser on the laptop as expected from the reviews.

There might be malice in this, as Chrome is developing the Chromebook, a laptop that they?re touting as the direct competitor of the new MacBook. While the MacBook has this problem, it?s going to be a challenge for Mac owners who find the Chrome browser features?tabs and availability are a main draw?better than Apple?s Safari.

Addressing the Challenge

Apple has been great at finding solutions to most of their problems, and the same remains to be seen in the case of the new MacBook. Apple needs to address these problems soon, or face the consequences of a rather poor showing for the new MacBook with the Retina display.


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