New Lenovo Kid?s Laptop Has Features Like a Yoga Practitioner

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New Lenovo Kid?s Laptop Has Features Like a Yoga Practitioner

Beijing, Beijing ? The new Lenovo Kid?s Laptop is going to have a screen that is as bendable as any yoga practitioner.

Surely, the makers considered that kids cannot hold and care for the materials properly. Giving it a flexible screen could be one of the best protections for the parents who have spent on it. The company has decided to call it the ThinkPad 11e.

It will also feature several key characters that will make the laptop work like four different units. These features will focus on its touchscreen ability and its operating system.

Bend It Like There Is No Tomorrow

You can always tilt your laptop for you to look at the materials properly, but Lenovo Kid?s Laptop pushes this tilting to the extreme. The entire screen can be folded opposite and going to the keypad. The entire touchscreen-screen can be tilted up to 360 degrees, even without a single snap. It is like working with a tablet, but you will have more activities to do because it is more powerful.

This top of the line hardware could save hundreds of dollars? worth of repair costs already. Broken and bent screens are the most common problems with kids? gadgets. This one could put an end to that.

However, one hardware problem for this new laptop is that there is no longer a red dot on the keyboard. This is used as a mouse by adults. Kids see them as prunes and pick them out all the time, report says.

The Powerful Inside Feature of the Laptop

Even if the Lenovo Kid?s Laptop belongs to the friendlier forms of the product, the company made sure that its inside is not. First off, it has four gigantic operating systems inside it. You will never encounter lag and slow-running applications ever again, unless you exceed the limits.

These four operating systems are based on Chrome and Windows. Each has two systems to offer for the laptop. This means that there are more choices for the games, since most games are not flexible enough to be available on all OS. This is backed up by a SSD with 16 gigabytes of memory. They also have HDDs where the customer can choose whether they will put Chrome or Windows.

This powerful, fancy, but very efficient machine will be sold at $350 to $450. It will be out by May or June in the market. Are you going to grant your kid with this Lenovo Kid?s Laptop?

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