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New League of Legends Champion Revealed: Aurelion Sol: The Star Forger

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Remember Ao Shin? I remember being too hyped to meet the dragon in the Rift. We summoners have waited way too long! We want a DRAGON! And we want it now!

Well after a very long wait, we (unfortunately) didn?t get Ao Shin. As far as I can remember Ao Shin was supposedly a support mage. But then, Riot surprised us with a really beautiful champion Aurelion Sol! That?s right boy and girls, we have a Dragon in the Rift and boy He is so goddamn gorgeous!

After a very long wait we finally have what seems to be Ao Shin?s replacement. Well in paper and in video He does look a bit challenging to play but we won?t know until the PBE people start blurting out a gazillion spoilers. Aurelion Sol?s champion reveal has just recently been released and the MOBA gamer?s community exploded. Some were impressed and some weren?t. I don?t really care if they are dissatisfied though, I feel that I?ll love this champion to death.

The Dragon looks gorgeous (yes, I said it again). He is a mid-range mage that diHes out insane amounts of AP damage. Looking at the ability video made me conclude that He has great damage and a very good engage. Unfortunately, he doesn?t have any methods of escaping other than using his flash. This makes this champion pretty much an all in champ which is great for ganks and dealing Area-of-effect damage. Yes, you can try and kill him but he has quite a short knockback from his ult which is pretty nice.


Passive: Center of The Universe

(Credits to?euw.leagueoflegends.com for the video)

Aurelion Sol?s passive is called ?Center of The Universe? which passively grants him three orbs. These orbs surround him and deals damage to any enemy it makes contact with. This is actually either a good thing or a bad thing. For one, you are pushing the minions easier, making farming faster and wave clearing effortless. For most of us that means easy money right? But that?s not everything there is to it. When you constantly push waves and waves of minions to the enemy turret, this makes your life pretty dangerous considering you will be always open to ganks. However, it isn?t really that

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