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New Kinect For Windows V2 To Come On July 15!

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Microsoft announced the release of Kinect for Windows v2 sensor on July 15.

Microsoft on its official website for products announced that the product will be available for only $199 on the said date.

?The Kinect for Windows sensor is a physical device that, when used with a computer and the accompanying Kinect for Windows SDK, provides companies and developers with the foundation they need to create interactive applications that recognize peoples? natural movements, gestures, and voice commands.?

Kinect for Windows v2 sensor Features:

Depth sensing – The Kinect for Windows v2 sensor promises to give improved 3D visualization, improved ability to see smaller objects and all objects more clearly, and improves the stability of skeletal tracking.

1080p HD video ? Kinect for Windows v2 sensor will come with a full, beautiful 1080p video that would allow a broad range of powerful scenarios. This will provide a great input on which to build high-quality, augmented reality scenarios, or simply capture crisp still images.

Wider/expanded field of view – With this feature, users can be closer to the camera and still be in view and the camera is effective over a larger total area. The increased fidelity of the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor?s camera produces increased fidelity of the images and a larger field of view.


Improved skeletal tracking – The enhanced fidelity of the depth camera, combined with improvements in the software, have led to a number of key improvements in skeletal tracking. With Kinect for Windows v2 sensor, there will be six complete skeletons and tracking 25 joints per person, and the tracked positions are more anatomically correct and stable.


New Active IR ? The new infrared (IR) capabilities produce a lighting-independent view, which makes machine learning or computer-vision?based tasks much easier?because you don?t have to account for or model lighting-based variation.

For more information about Kinect for Windows v2 sensor, stay tuned with us!

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