New iPod Touch Launched, Here?s Why You Should Buy One Today

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The rumors were true all along , as Apple launched a new and powerful line-up of their iPod Touch series. ?New colors for the Shuffle and Nano, plus a more dynamic interface from the iPod Touch is what awaits Apple fans.

?The iPod Touch costs ?159 or $199 (16gb), ?199 or $249 (32gb), ?249 or $299 (64gb), and ?329? or $399(128GB); the 2GB iPod Shuffle will be priced at $49 and the 16GB Nano at $149. New colors include gold, hot pink, and dark blue. All of these are now available today on the Apple Store.

The New iPod Touch Launched

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Ipod Touch can render games vividly. Photo lifted from the Apple Website.

If you are not considering an iPod Shuffle Nano, this new update wouldn?t really change your mind. But you should consider the new iPod Touch as it packs a wallop of features that one usually finds in iPhones.

Don?t let the small 4-inch Retina display with 1136 x 640 resolution fool you into thinking that this device is inferior to the iPhones. This new iPod packs a strong A8 chip built on a 64-bit architecture which apple claims can perform 10 times faster than the previous generation of iPod touch. Its CPU is also said to be 6 times faster.

It will also bring vivid visual effects for games as it is metal optimized which helps optimize the CPU and GPU together. ?It also has M8 Motion Coprocessor for measuring your fitness and other things. The new iPod Touch is a bargain as all of these features will be included in all price points.

Lack of storage space won?t hassle you anymore as a gigantic 128GB is now available for the product. Battery life also wouldn?t be an issue as Apple claims that it can last 40 hours and 8 hours for audio and video playback respectively.

Don?t purchase this device?however if you think of using this to replace your iPhone or other mobile devices. The new iPod Touch still won?t have cellular data connectivity. You however can compromise by using messaging and call apps via Wifi.

The new iPod Touch will include an 8mp back shooter with an iSight camera with f/2.4 aperture and a front shooter with 1.2MP with f/2.2 aperture. The phone also features HD video recording which can record slow motion at 120 fps in 720p.

iPad Touch vs Iphone 5s

The New iPod Touch was even compared to an iPhone 5s. The new Apple device stomped on the phone as it has better specs at a cheaper price point, Apple Insider concluded. The iPhone 5s, which released last year, starts at a $549 contract with only 16GB and with an older specs like an A7 chip and M7 Motion Coprocessor. The iPod Touch also has double the iPhone?s internal storage as the latter maxes out at 64GB

Low Sales Not Reason for new Ipod Touch

The Apple iPod reportedly lost 55% in revenue models and only contributes 2% to Apple?s overall income. The company has also halted sales forecasts of iPod sales due to its horrible performance, but it released a sales report for 2014 saying it sold only 2.6 million units and earned $410 million worth of revenue.

Apple Ceo Tim Cook however said low sales weren?t the reason for the update but the unavailability of materials. He said they could no longer procure materials for the music player.

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