New iPhone 8 Prediction Says September Release is Possible

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iPhone 8 coming in September

A number of analysts have already given their respective pieces on the iPhone 8. Most of them agree that Apple might not be able to release the phone this September due to production issues. However, a new report claims that the tenth anniversary iPhone will definitely make it this September, albeit with limited quantities.

According to J.P. Morgan analyst Rod Hall, Apple is currently producing the iPhone 8 with its partners. However, since the current yield is still not enough to warrant a full-blown mass production, availability in September will be affected.

Hall also said that for the time being, he predicts that Apple will have around two million iPhone 8 units this September. This number will be updated once mass production has started around October, the report said.

It should be noted that this is nothing but a prediction made by a financial analyst. Although there is no doubt that these analysts sometimes have inputs from insiders. Nevertheless, Apple has nothing to do with this prediction.

iPhone 8 coming in September

Alleged iPhone 8 cases (via bgr.com)

So far, rumors still point to the issues Apple is having with various parts of the iPhone 8. Earlier this year, the main issue was the in-display Touch ID sensor. Recently, another one cropped up in the form of the 3D facial recognition feature.

There is a strong likelihood that the iPhone 8 may ship with some of its new features inaccessible to users. Just like the portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus, these features will be unlocked at a later date.

If that happens, we could be looking at either the release of iOS 11 or some minor update to it. However, the most worrisome feature that needs to be addressed is the Touch ID sensor.

That said, it would seem like Apple has found a different way of implementing the hardware on the iPhone 8. It might be that the power button of the phone will double as the fingerprint sensor, as reported by Bloomberg yesterday. For ore updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at The Bitbag.

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