New iPhone 8 Release, Specs Leaks Show Surprising Fingerprint Scanner Location

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new iPhone 8 leaks

OnLeaks has been a source of many leaks regarding iPhone products. While some of them are on point with the actual products, most are still on the questionable side. That is why most of the leaks that come from the site has been taken lightly by  netizens. However, to add to the long list of rumors and leaks for the iPhone 8, the said website has yet another details leaked from it.

Just recently, the website posted yet another alleged leak for the iPhone 8. This time around, the leak was about a 3D CAD drawing of what looks like Apple’s tenth anniversary iPhone. While this would not matter as much since there are already countless other leaks about the supposed design of the phone, it still presents a bit more about it.

For one, it further solidifies rumors of the iPhone 8 sporting vertically arranged dual rear cameras. Furthermore, like the previous leaks suggest, the LED flash for the cameras is situated between the two sensors.
Finally, from the alleged CAD drawings of the iPhone 8, it can be seen the it does have the entire front of the phone covered with the screen. And that there is an absence of the usual home button and fingerprint scanner at the front.

new iPhone 8 leaks

Alleged iPhone 8 CAD drawings (via onleaks.com)

Unfortunately, as mentioned, there are no ways of verifying the veracity of these leaks. Readers are still urged to not take this one at face value. There is a lot to be said about the alleged drawings about its legitimacy. Chief of which is the fact that anyone can easily do it on a computer.

Until this point, rumours about the supposed release date of the phone are still mixed. Some analysts suggest that Apple might still be able to unveil the said phone later this year. However, there are many market watchers who claim that due to supply issues, the iPhone 8 might not see the light of day until early next year.

Right now, it is quite hard to pin down which of these rumors are true or not. However, one thing remains to be true. Consumers still want the iPhone 8 come hell or high water. For more updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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