New iPhone 6 Plus To Mimic Samsung S7 Edge Wrap-around Display?

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An iPhone 6 Plus with a slightly bigger screen is rumored to be in the pipeline soon. But there?s more to this story than just a phone spec upgrade. Apparently, a DigitTimes report suggested a 5.8-in iPhone may be in the works with a telling spec: the screen may feature a flexible OLED that wraps around the edge. Yes, edge, which brings to mind S7 and its now iconic bezel-free design. Is Apple having second thoughts and admitting that a wrap-around display is the way to go?

With an iPhone 7 rumored for release in September, a lot of things isn?t final for the iPhone. Rumor or not, one thing is a fact: Apple isn?t mimicking S7. Why do we know? The rumor is fueled by a 2011 Apple patent, long before S7 Edge registered in the radar (which posits a possible reverse scenario, but that?s another story).

Not only is the Apple patent filed years ago, but the wrap-around is nowhere near S7?s curved style. The iPhone bezel-free design has square sides that function as a front screen extension. On the side, we see virtual buttons and other functions that complement the front screen. The patent also shows a cylindrical approach, which is a far cry not only from the Samsung model, but from the iPhone style range.

Although Apple patent isn?t a good indicator of iPhones to come, still, the patent is revealing in light of the momentum created by Galaxy S7 Edge for wrap-around display. Ray Soneira of DisplayMate said the side screens is the logical step for iPhone to take if it wants to remain the leader in smartphone innovation.

Whether we?ll see an upgraded bezel-free iPhone 6 Plus or a revised iPhone 7 months from now, it?s almost in the bag that Apple will go for the wrap soon.

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