New Apple iPad: Same Old Stuff With Bigger Storage; Is it Worth the Upgrade?

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Apple released new iPad with A9 ARM chip and bigger storage

Apple, as rumored, just released a flurry of new devices on the Apple Store. The somewhat unexpected spring event resulted in a lot more head scratching than ever before. For one, the company just unveiled the newest iPad upgrade and it seems like it is the same old stuff from before. Only this time, it has a bigger storage for the same price as the original.

Yesterday, Apple sort of surprised everyone by unveiling a number of products on its online store. One product in particular is the new iPad. From the get-go, Apple dropped the numerics and opted for just the run-of-the-mill iPad name. In addition to this, the company also upgraded the storage minimum to 32GB instead of 16GB. To make things a bit more interesting, Apple also kept the price down while upgrading the storage size.

Perhaps the main question that anyone would be asking right now is if the new iPad worth an upgrade. In all honesty, it depends on various scenarios. One being the obvious fact that the only upgrade the the iPad received is increased storage.

Apple released new iPad with A9 ARM chip and bigger storage

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This means that the same internal hardware of the previous version is in the new one. It has an inferior A9 chip, the same type of display, and the same build as its predecessor. For anyone looking for something new, this update is not for you. However, for those who have the older 16GB iPad 4 version, an upgrade is rightly so.

The new Apple tablet now has a minimum storage size of 32GB. The next storage size in line is 128GB. For the Wi-Fi version, price starts at $329 while the bigger storage is priced at $100 more. For those who want extended mobility can opt for the LTE model which starts at $459.

In retrospect, perhaps Apple is aware that the new iPad does not really represent an honest-to-goodness upgrade. This might be the main reason why Apple did do any of the theatrics it normally does on a product release. For more updates on the new iPad, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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