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New iPad 3D scanning app Itseez3D, Now Available On iTunes For Free!

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Are you a fan of 3D objects or should I say, do you dare to create your own 3Ds and be part of the growing 3D community? If yes, then this is your chance to create and share your piece with the new iPad 3D scanning app called Itseez3D.

Apple iTunes recently introduced the Itseez3D, a mobile 3D scanner that allows your iPad, with the Occipital?s Structure Sensor, to capture color and structure information of the world and process them into realistic 3D models.

iPad users can use this to scan their family, friends, and objects that they?d like to copy in 3D. Plus, the iPad owner can share their fabulous 3D models on from the app and become a part of the growing 3D community!

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Other features of Itseez3D are:

Capture high-resolution color and structure data
Augmented reality feedback is used to improve your scanning experience
Send captured data to the cloud and get a great 3D model back in a few minutes
Share the 3D model by email in .ply or .obj formats or on

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However, iPad users should be mindful that they can only use the app with the use of Structure Sensor by Occipital. Apple said that if users do not own Structure Sensor they cannot scan models on their own. Moreover, the app works only on iPad 4 and iPad Air.


How are you going to make your first 3D model? Here?s what you will do. First, you must choose what you want to scan. It could be a human or an object on the flat surface.

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Scan a person or an object following the instructions of the app.

Send the result to the cloud where it?s to be enhanced and rendered.

Now you?ve got a digital 3d copy that you can share with the world.

For an easier way to make your own 3D models using your iPad 3D scanning app Itseez3D, watch the video below. Enjoy scanning! Enjoy making your 3Ds.

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