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New IP From Undead Labs Teased On Twitter

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Despite Undead Labs being relatively new in the gaming industry, its State of Decay instantly became a hit. It is still seeing a lot of interest from gamers all over the world, with its sales getting exponential amounts of money. And with the name of the company itself, as well as its history, many people believe that Undead Labs will continue to come up and develop titles that revolve around zombies.

So all those who think this is the case; you may just be in for a surprise. Undead Labs made an announcement via the extremely popular social media site, Twitter, regarding its next project.

The term ?SoD? in the statement, which popped up as a tweet, below is for ?State of Decay?, by the way.


?Having said all I can about SoD’s bright future, should I mention we’re announcing a game on Monday that has nothing to do with SoD? Hmm.?

Today, we can expect to hear about and see something (great, hopefully) new from Undead Labs. To top everything off, the company makes it apparent that this new title will not be involved with the dead walking the earth. We can say this because the next tweet can be seen below:

?It is not a zombie game. Like… not at all a zombie game. More than that, I cannot say.?

Of course, everyone who?ve seen and read the tweet is excited. We just hope that Undead Labs will make good on its promise that more information will be revealed. Yes, State of Decay was really a huge success, but something new will not hurt the company at all.

We can expect a lot of rumors and speculations to be popping around and flying right and left until the start of the week begins.

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