New iOS 9.3 Beta Released: Check These 5 Big Additions

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Apple released a latest seventh beta for iOS 9.3 update ahead of its public release expected to coincide with event that will also see the unveiling of iPhone 5SE and new Apple Watch models.

In addition to Night Shift, iOS 9.3 will also include new CarPlay features, security for your Notes and Wi-Fi calling on Verizon. Of course, there will also likely be other bug fixes and enhancements we?re not aware of just yet.

Check out the five big additions to the iOS 9.3:

Night Shift Mode: One of the most notable features of the iOS 9.3 update is Night Shift. The new update will allow iPhone users to manually enable Night Shift mode or schedule it till next sunrise. With Night Shift enabled, the iPhone display starts using warmer colors at night time allowing users to get a better night’s sleep. It supposedly prevents users who are exposed to the harmful blue light all day long from insomnia.

Photos: Another significant feature in the update is Duplicate option in Photos that allows users to edit both the normal and Live Photos, without having to lose the original ones.

The Live Photos feature that was introduced in September alongside the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, records a small video clip of before and after the shutter button was pressed when a user takes a photo with the iPhone. The end result is a photo that comes to life, when we view it. Up until now, in order to save just the still image from the Live photo you had to disable the live portion. With the duplicate function users don?t face such problems.

Quick Actions: The latest update brings along new 3D Touch options for Apple?s stock apps, including Weather, Settings, Compass and Health. Apple’s native Weather app gains 3D Touch support, providing iPhone users with quick access to their most frequently checked cities as well option to add a new city. Health’s Quick Actions provide access to the Medical ID or a user’s dashboard, while Compass now features options to open directly to the compass or the level.

There are also new Quick Action options for the App Store and iTunes Store apps. For the App Store app, Quick Actions now include “Update All” to update all apps at once from the Home screen, and “Purchased” for opening up to a list of all purchased apps. For the iTunes Store, new options include “View Downloads” and “Purchased.”

CarPlay: The iOS 9.3 update includes some new CarPlay features, as such enhanced Apple Music integration with the New and For You sections alongside better point of interest search. Drivers can now access a “Nearby” function that quickly identifies gas stations, parking, restaurants, coffee shops, and other frequently-requested points of interest with a single tap.

Bug Fixes: The latest update also fixes a bug that would brick the device upon restarting after an iPhone or iPad user set the date of the device to January 1st, 1970.

Now Apple has fixed the problem simply by debarring users from setting the date earlier than January 1st, 2001. Those who have already bricked their iPhone with the date bug can now use iTunes to restore the device to iOS 9.3 and restore the device back to life.

Besides there are numerous other new features such as updating the Apple Watch and iPhone with the latest iOS, users can sync multiple Watches with a single device.?The built-in Notes app allows users to encrypt individual notes with Touch ID or a custom password, while the full list can be sorted alphabetically or by date created or date modified.?The News app has added landscape mode for the iPhone along with greater customisation options and in line video playback.

The latest update is scheduled to be released on March 21st event when Apple launches its new iPhone SE, iPad Pro mini, and new Apple Watches.

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