A new international trailer of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill starrer Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is released

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As we are eager for the ?Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? movie to be released later this month, a new international trailer has been released to spice it up. Indeed, the battle between two of the most famous superheroes of all-time is getting more exciting.

The new international trailer was launched on Monday, and it has surely made fans more excited over the epic showdown. The new trailer showed plenty of new footage apart from Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill?s battle for supremacy.

Since it was an international trailer, the action took most of the part as the short video was not as dialog-heavy. However, at the beginning, Jesse Eisenberg, who plays the role of Lex Luthor, set the tone for the clip with a monologue.

He says, ‘Fight night. The greatest gladiator matches in the history of the world. Son of Krypton versus bat of Gotham. God versus man.’

In one of the scenes, Batman was wearing a brown coat over his Batsuit at the outskirts of a city, which appears to be in the desert with explosions surrounding it.

While it showed a brief scene where Gal Gadot was wearing street clothes for the first time, other than the Wonder Woman costume. She was seen wearing a black leather biker jacket walking through the gate towards an airplane.

The trailer showed that Ben Affleck’s character and Batman’s alter-ego Bruce Wayne was unscrambling a newspaper clipping, and it reads, ‘you let your family die’ written in red across it.

Several other scenes were included in the international trailer, which was also featured in other television spots and trailers. A trailer showing Batman and Superman battling it out in the rain was released earlier.

Fans across the world are eagerly waiting for Mar. 25 when Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is would be released in cinemas.

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