New Google Glass Update Adds Some Features For World Cup 2014

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Calling all World Cup fans, here’s ?great news for you especially if you’re using ?Google Glass. Google has announced some of the features of the updated Google Glass, which includes the World Cup.

An updated version of Google Glass includes improved photo sharing, updates in Google Now cards, and Battery notifications.

With the Google Now cards, users can see the World Cup updates. How? Users must follow the World Cup on Glass when they set up notifications on Google Now. Then the users must add the team or click YES when they see the option to get match updates on Google Now.

?You?ll get updates about upcoming matches, matches in progress, finished matches and division standings,? Google said.

Moreover, looking for user?s parked car in a parking location is not a problem anymore. If users forget where they parked their cars, all they have to do is to look to the left of their Glass home screen and they?ll find the Parking location card. ?You can follow the map back to your parking spot.?

Also, users can now get notifications on Glass when their packages ship or are delivered with the use of ?track your packages?. To avail of this feature, users must go to their settings on the Google Now mobile app and make sure they?ve answered Yes to receiving ?package updates based on their gmail.?

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Aside from this, Google also updated the battery notifications. Google has now added a mobile notification to let users know when their Glass battery is low. ?If you?re using the latest Android MyGlass app, you?ll now get a notification if your Glass drops below 20%.?

Also, Google has taken a big step with a photo-sharing update for the MyGlass app for Android. With the updated app, users will see instantly on the Android phone a photo taken using the Google Glass when they open the MyGlass app. Users can do it simply by tapping the image to open it, apply filter, and export it to the photo-sharing app of their choice ? Instagram, Facebook, VSCO ? without Wi-Fi connection.

Google also promised those who are using the MyGlass for iOS that they will soon update said app as their working on it now.

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