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New Girl Season 7: Jake Johnson Teases Nick and Jess’ Future In Q&A; Is Coach Returning In The Finale?

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Fox broke a bittersweet news last month: New Girl is getting renewed for a seventh season but it’s going to be the final one. It’s sad to know that our favorite sitcom is finally closing its curtains, but at least it gets to wrap things up and give the long-running series a proper closure we so crave. Now, some of us may have a lot of burning questions about the finale and one of them is about Jess and Nick’s future. What’s going to happen to the two?

Jake Johnson, who plays the wisecracking Nick Miller on the show, did a little Q&A on Twitter over the weekend for his new film The Mummy and was asked whether marriage is the New Girl couple’s end game. His answer? Well, of course, he thinks they’re tying the knot just like what everyone has probably been wishing for!

As you can see from the tweet above, he made a pretty short and personal answer. But since the show is making huge changes in Season 7, it makes sense for the two to end up exchanging “I dos.” In case you missed it, New Girl Season 7 is making a time jump, picking up three years after the events of the previous season. We can expect it will show just how much the group has changed as they continue to grow up and make more responsible decisions.

Nick and Jess have been New Girl’s ultimate OTP (one true pairing), so how can the show not have them get married?

Is Coach returning?

Meanwhile, Johnson also said another thing he’d like to see in the finale and that’s Coach’s return.

Damon Wayans Jr.’s character was introduced in the series premiere, but “moved out” when the actor’s comedy Happy Endings was picked up by ABC. After the fan favorite sitcom got canceled, he headed back to New Girl, only to depart again. We already had our goodbye with Coach, however, some of us still feel like he should be in the final season.

Showrunners Dave Finkel and Brett Baer previously said in an interview that they talked about bringing back Coach but the scheduling made it very difficult. Currently, there are no clear indications that the character will be back but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that maybe he can get a cameo in Nick and Jess’ wedding or something. After all, he was there when New Girl premiered. It just wouldn’t be complete if he wasn’t in the final season.

What about the rest of the gang?

Apart from a potential wedding and Coach’s return, fans can also expect Schmidt and Cece expecting their first child. Finkel already shared in a separate interview that he’d like to see Schmidt as a father, so we might see some parenting hijinks for the two.

“I think that it’d be really, really fun – the way that it was fun to see Schmidt as a bridezilla – to see Schmidt as a helicopter daddy for his child and see what he’s like as a father,” he said.

As for Winston, Baer would like to get back to doing more work stories for his character like “getting promoted at work and becoming a detective.”

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New Girl premiered in 2011 and quickly became one of the year’s biggest new hits, averaging 8.22 million viewers. The season six finale brought in two million viewers.

Any thoughts? How would you like New Girl Season 7 to end? Should Nick and Jess be married? Let us know in the comments section below!

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