New Girl Season 6 Spoilers: Will Cece And Schmidt Lead A Happy Married Life?

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New Girl Season 6

Fans are eagerly waiting to see ?New Girl? on the television screen. The most popular TV show is getting ready to entertain the audience with Season 6.

According to Parent Herald, Hannah Simone, who played the character Cece has revealed some important information about the upcoming season. The upcoming season will show Schmidt and Cece?s married life. The couple will have to face the challenges. They are also expected to have kids.

“The greatest thing about “New Girl” is that you can never predict what is next! I am as excited as everyone else to see what our writers have in store,” Simone told in an interview. “I feel like in 10 years, they’d probably be together still. Still very happy, probably exhausted, probably with a bunch of weird kids!” Simone added.

Megan Foxx Will Reprise Her Role?

According to Inquisitr, ?New Girl? creator Liz Meriwether has admitted that she wants Megan Foxx in the ?New Girl? team. Season 6 will not eliminate Nick and Reagan?s story. Megan Foxx had played the character ?Reagan? in the previous season.

Liz Meriwether said that everyone love Reagan and her chemistry with Nick is great. Nick will confident to carry his relationship forward. Both Reagan and Nick will correct their mistakes.

Coach will be coming back to ?New Girl?, but he will be seen only in few episodes.

Jess Wants Her Ex-Boyfriend?

Christian Daily has speculated that the upcoming season will have a love triangle. In the previous season, Jess (Zooey Deschanel) understood that she is still loves her former boyfriend Nick. Liz Meriwether did not say ?no? when she was asked about the possibility of Jess going back to Nick. So, the audience will have an opportunity to see Nick between two beautiful ladies.

Do you feel Nick will choose Reagan? Or Jess? Share your comments below.

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