New Girl Season 6 Episode 2 Spoilers: Jess Confesses Feelings To Nick? Girls Campaign For Hilary Clinton

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Will Jess confess her feelings for Nick in New Girl Season 6 episode 2?
Will Jess confess her feelings for Nick in New Girl Season 6 episode 2?

New Girl?s new episode airs tonight, and the main cast will deal with several issues, including the upcoming US elections. The show will touch on the controversial candidate Donald Trump and feature Cece and Schmidt?s house hunting. Meanwhile, Jess will attempt to tell Nick her feelings. Will something good come out of it in New Girls Season 6 episode 2?

The second episode for New Girl will join the US elections mayhem. According to New Girl Season 6 episode 2 spoilers, Jess and Cece will encourage their neighbors to vote. The two will reportedly campaign for Hilary Clinton. Meanwhile, Schmidt, though a conservative, will not be voting for Donald Trump. Brett Baer, the series? co-showrunner, said that the character doesn?t even acknowledge that there?s an upcoming election.??He doesn?t acknowledge that Trump exists.?He says multiple times throughout the episode, ?Paul Ryan 2020!? Baer told TV Line.

Viewers of the show will also see Jess impersonate Trump complete with a costume and his infamous ?Yuge!? line.


Episode 2 of New Girl Season 6 will also feature Cece and Schmidt?s house hunting dilemma. The synopsis states that they will find a house which is a better alternative to the bar as collateral. They?ll be using it instead in buying their dream home.

Additionally, the second episode will feature Winston and Aly?s long distance relationship. Winston will be dealing with his girlfriend?s sister, who?s apparently a real estate agent wannabe.

Meanwhile, in the first episode of New Girl Season 6, Jess admitted that she still likes Nick. In tonight?s episode, she?ll attempt to confess her feelings for him. However, the synopsis states that she?ll back out at the last minute. When will she reveal her true feelings for him and what will happen if she does?

New Girl Season 2 episode 6 airs tonight at 8:30 pm on FOX.

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