New Girl Season 5 Cast Update: Megan Fox To Replace Zooey Deschanel? Expect New Season To Sizzle!

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There?s a new girl in season 5 of Fox?s sitcom and it?s not just some other girl. Model, actress, and sex symbol, Megan Fox, will be filling in Zooey Deschanel?s absence in season 5 as the New Girl star will be on maternity leave. How will the show handle the temporary exit of their lead star?

According to EW, the quirky and geeky teacher, Jess (Zooey Deschanel), will be sequestered during jury duty. This will pave the way for Fox to appear during season five episode six of New Girl as she?ll temporarily rent Jess? room.

It looks like Megan Fox will continue starring as the one-dimensional ?hot woman? as her role is described to be a ?gorgeous straight-shooting pharmaceutical sales rep who comes to town on business and shakes things up in the loft.? How Fox ?shakes things? in the show has yet to be revealed, however, it looks like executive producer Liz Meriwether has just hinted how she?ll do it in New Girl:

?I?ve been a fan of her comedic skills since This is 40, and I?m so excited to have her on the show,? Meriwether said as reported by EW. ?We had Megan in mind when we wrote this part? she?s the perfect person to come in and shake these guys up.?

Will Fox sex-up the show? Will Jess? absence and Fox?s entrance drastically change the vibe of New Girl Season 5? According to Moviepilot, Fox still needs work in establishing herself in comedy roles. Fox and Deschanel?s personality and humor is also different:

?The main criticism people seem to have with Fox?s casting though is that she?s not really proven herself as an established comedic actress, in the same way Deschanel did with the like of SNL and Funny or Die. Physically Deschanel and Fox are very different too, and a lot of Jess? humor is based in her physicality because she?s small and awkward and fails about a lot.?

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