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The developer behind the infamous Rust game is making a new twin stick shooter game. FacePunch Studios announced that they are working on RiftLight, a twin stick shooter game with a twist of RPG elements.

What?s different about RiftLight?

According to Adam Woolridge of FacePunch Studios, RiftLight is an arcade shooter that can be played using a gamepad, mouse, or keyboard. Its difference from any other arcade shooter is that it has RPG-like features including character levels, abilities, and talent trees.

Here?are?some of the reasons why he loves RiftLight and arcade shooting games.

-????????? It is a fast-paced, arcade twin stick shooting game

-????????? He likes loot hunting games

-????????? The game is customizable from picking talents to equipping different gears, it allows the players to change the way the game is played.

-????????? It has random enemies with random generated levels that can be challenging and frustrating.

-????????? It has co-op multiplayer features. You can show off some gears that they don?t have.

-????????? It is playable in PC.

Just like any other RPG game, RiftLight will have classes. Different classes have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Here are the classes that you will find in RiftLight:

-????????? Ranged ? this class is obviously the shooter class. This class can dish out heavy damage from a certain distance. However, this class has significant weakness when engaged in close range combat. Abilities will be focused on fire range, fire power and mobility skills

-????????? Caster ? this class is a magical class. Just like any RPG, this class has lots of spells to zap their enemies. Abilities cover area-of-effect skills. This class is also extra squishy. So better take cover from enemy fire.

-????????? Melee ? although this is a shooter game, melee class is still part of RiftLight. This class has laser swords that can slice enemies in the gut. Abilities pulls enemies at close range. Toughest class in the game.

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