A Juicy Month: October Filled to the Brim with New Game Releases

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At the E3 2014, we were treated to a bevvy of new games that are set for release this year, only that, we didn?t know exactly when they were going to come out. Afterwards, though, it has been confirmed that yes, some of them are set to come out this year, and quite a number of new game releases are to come out in October. That makes October quite a month to wait for than any other month, for if the E3 was any indication of things to come, it seems October?s line-up is crazier than it seems to be.

Adding to the fray is Microsoft?s ?Project Spark? and Bandai Namco?s ?Lords of the Fallen?, names which are threatening to bury other games in relative obscurity. Lots of these games are good games, mind you, but with the high-profile names coming out, this should spark a scramble for these games among gamers. And with these gamers finding themselves low in budget in the aftermath, some games might have to suffer the consequence of being a victim of chance.

Fantasy RPGs are a-plenty in October?s release, but there are three of them to watch out for, and with that number, it gets a little hard to predict who will be top-dog. Among them, Dragon Age: Inquisition enjoys the benefits of recall, but people are already familiar with it. It might also suffer from the backlash that Dragon Age II wrought upon it. This is in contrast to the new Lords of the Fallen game, which offers a new option for long-time RPG gamers.

In another time and another universe, these games might?ve made a killing on the stacks. The reality is far from that, however, with a mere 19 days between their releases, and add Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor into that mix, the plot becomes interesting. With it?s interesting mechanics and being set in a universe that should appeal to gamers who are Tolkien fans as well, there is no chance that this won?t affect the number of sales between the three.

The Unlucky Ones

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Some other titles that performed very well and shows a lot of promise, such as Evolve and Raven?s Cry, an action RPG set in the age of piracy, might have to fight tooth and nail just to receive a substantial portion of the sales, October is set to generate. Though Turtle Rock, Evolve?s developer and also co-developer of Left 4 Dead, has a proven track record in multiplayer games, it might have to contend with Battlefield: Hardline due to their same release date.

Another game that might suffer substantially despite being really good is Alien: Isolation. While it might suffer from the stigma brought about by last year?s Colonial Marines, it still holds promise in being a far cry from that particular game. The other unfortunate circumstance it suffers is because of its release date?October, when else??it might suffer the same fate as the other good titles mentioned here, just because of the sheer volume of good and promising games releasing at that same month.

There are other titles that are in danger of being left behind in the dust, but that remains to be seen. Sunset Overdrive, Bayonetta 2 and Driveclub might be able to salvage a chunk of that sales pie; Sunset Overdrive because of its platform, the WiiU, and Bayonetta 2 and Driveclub because of their gameplay, being racing game/shooter hybrids. Civilization: Beyond Earth is a bit safe because of the legions of loyal fans patiently waiting for it.

The general fear of being left behind the race so far, you can?t catch up is the main reason for this onslaught of releases. There are other notable titles: The Evil Within and Borderlands: The Pre-sequel are some of the games in danger of being left behind because of circumstances such as being compared with other better directed games and graphics. Destiny and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?are released on that month because they were afraid no one would pay any attention to their games because of juicy October.

So what can we take from this? While games like Assassin?s Creed: Unity, Battlefield Hardline and Dragon Age will do as well as they always did, potential games like Lords of the Fallen, Alien: Isolation and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor might crack under the strain of heavy titles. It might have been good if the developers released ahead or after October, if only to promote variety and fair competition.

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