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New Game Modes for Titanfall Coming

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If you have been playing Titanfall for the last couple of days or weeks, chances are, you are of the few people who are getting a bit bored already with the game modes it has at the moment. Of course, this is very unlikely, but to some, Titanfall?s multiplayer game modes are a bit lackluster. Regardless if which side you?re on, this probably is a good news for you. Developer Respawn Entertainment is planning to add new game modes to Titanfall in the coming future.

They were asked on Twitter if they plan to add other game modes to Titanfall. Cofounder Vince Zampella clearly stated ?Yes?.

Though the answer was a bit vague, it was something good for the fans of the game and we can pretty much have to go on with it for now. Titanfall is getting three expansion packs in a few included in the Titanfall Season Pass for $25. These are both available for Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles.

Even if the suspense might kill existing owners of the game, now comes will find Titanfall?s variety quite alright with five mods to start from:

Attrition: If you have never played classic Titanfall before, this is the place to start. Kill anything on the enemy team to earn points towards victory!

Last Titan Standing: Everyone starts in a Titan. Eliminate all of the enemy team’s Titans to win. But be careful, there is no respawning!

Hardpoint: Capture and hold the three hardpoints on the map for your team to earn points. The more hardpoints you hold, the faster you win.

Capture the Flag: Steal the enemy flag and return it to your base, while stopping the enemy team from grabbing your flag!

Pilot Hunter: Hunt or be hunted! Kill the enemy team’s Pilots to reach the score limit and win.

Aside from this news, Titanfall 2 will also be made of the additional game modes won?t be enough for hardcore Titanfall fans and gamers and it will not be Microsoft exclusive anymore so PlayStation 4 or Wii U owners may get the much awaited shot with the game on its second installment at least.

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