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This is the coolest Facebook idea ever. Create a message that reads, “Your breath stinks” and send it to someone only to have them play a 10 minute game to decode it. Here’s the full release:

Roses Are Red. Violets Are Blue. A Word Game on Facebook Reveals Secret Messages

From You. Feb. 13, 2008 – Legacy Interactive today launched a special
Valentine version of the casual word game CandyGram on Facebook, as a flash game and a
widget. Players slide chocolate letter tiles around a 7×7 digital board to form words
horizontally and vertically. The Valentine’s version of CandyGram has a valentine-inspired
skin and is geared towards word combinations like “love” and “heart” as well as the usual
vocabulary. When all the tiles on the board have been used before the clock runs out,
players advance to the next round. There are five levels of difficulty to chose from.

The Facebook CandyGram application allows players to send secret messages to the
“Friends” in their social network. The secret writings can be unlocked only when
recipients beat the challenger’s score. Top scores are posted in an online leader board.

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