New Dragon Quest Game Being Developed, Dragon Quest X Still Lies in the Dark

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Dragon Quest
Dragon Quest

Square Enix?s Dragon Quest Creator Yuiji Horii has recently corroborated that there?s another Dragon Quest game in the works. However, there was not much information given aside from the fact that another game to be added in the series is already in development.

In Game Jouhou which Gematsu translated, Horii ?did say that Square Enix is already working on the ?next? Dragon Quest game during the event in Japan called Niconico Super Conference this week. There was no confirmation if this ?next? game will follow the numbers of the series (which will make this the 11th one if this was the case), or if it is going to be a spin-off from the series. There was no information given as well, in which consoles or platforms, it will be released. The last previous games were exclusive to Nintendo only.

Based from the original report, Dragon Quest developers Yosuke Saito and Anzai Takashi are both under the impression of being unaware, after finding out about Horii?s announcement. If the announcement made was not ?planned? prior to revealing the game, it pretty much explains why there aren?t any exact details to how, when, and which platforms, the game will land.

While there?s been some buzz with the upcoming ?next? Dragon Quest, there are no words on when or if Dragon Quest X will make it in North America or outside of Japan in this case. The game is similar to Final Fantasy XIV with its subscription based MMO nature. It was launched last August 2012 on Wii originally before it was ported to the Wii U, Android and Windows. They have always discussed about releasing an international version of the game, but didn?t actually get into doing it, leaving a large number of gamers from the US, Europe and the large remainder of the entire world, who have been fans of the series, waiting.

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