?Moana? Disney?s Newest Princess Sets Sail To Capture The Hearts Of Little Girls Anew, Plot, Release Date Revealed, Dwayne ?The Rock? Johnson Cast To Play Demigod

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Disney has introduced yet another gorgeous character in their already beautiful cast of Disney princesses as they add another charming personality to the mix: Moana, a Polynesian girl from Oceania searching for adventure in unlikely places. The upcoming Polynesian princess is set for a voyage of self-discovery next year to fulfill her destiny in the open sea which Disney recently shared at their expo in Anaheim, posted by a blog from Disney.

Moana the Polynesian princess

Following some of the famous colored skinned princesses, like Mulan and Tiana, she will be the first Polynesian princess introduced by Disney. Moana is described as a ?young woman with exceptional navigational ability? who is destined to have a much larger purpose. The Pacific princess will set out for a journey towards finding a legendary island in the region of Oceania, according to the Disney blog.

Moana and friends

Joining her journey of self-discovery is her pet pig ?Pau? and a rooster named ?Hei-Hei.? Much like the sidekicks of our favorite Disney princess, ?Pau? and ?Hei-Hei? may give the humor we need when we watch the movie. ?It?s a story that?s totally new and yet utterly timeless, and the presentation, which included a pair of animated sequences, left us speechless,? posted by the blog. Some of the animated sequences that Disney shared include a demigod name Maui who recounts his epic past and another where a young Moana wades into the ocean and plays along with her.

Moana and Maui

Also adding to the mix of characters joining Moana is a demigod named Maui who she encounters and battles ancient creatures which include an incredible character made out of molten lava, according to the blog. Maui will be voiced by none other than Dwayne ?The Rock? Johnson, who may need to become a dazzling singer if ?The Rock? hopes to be in another Disney musical movie.

The new Disney Princess Moana is set to release on November 23, 2016. So in the meantime, read some Polynesian history to keep you distracted.


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