New Details About Ubisoft’s Highly Anticipated Game, Tom Clancy’s The Division

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One of the most anticipated games to come out next year is Ubisoft?s Tom Clancy?s The Division. But up to now,? we do not know a whole lot about this game yet. One of the things most players figure out when they play a game is where they will begin.

We already know that players in Tom Clancy?s The Division are going to begin with a basic pack that will last them up to at least 72 hours. And thanks to and Fredrik Rundqvist, an executive producer on Tom Clancy?s The Division, we now know where the actual starting point of the game will be.

Fredrick said, ?We have what we call a Hub or a Green Zone. On the West Coast of midtown, that?s where people start off. It?s kind of a social hub where you can meet other players, you can re-spec, change your characters, etc. That?s basically where you start off [when the game starts]?

According to him, trading will have a strong presence in the game, but they?re still adjusting to how it will actually work in The Division. So it looks like these ?Green Zones? will be like an area where players will be able to trade items with others.

Apart from the game?s starting point and trading details, customization will also be a huge part in the beginning of the game. According to Fredrik, characters from The Division are going to be very customizable. (Maybe Destiny could take a cue from this?)

?That?s the first thing you will do in the game. You will create your character and it?s not like there is a predetermined hero set. It?s all about you, how you want to experience the game and in what order you want to experience the content. The same goes for the character, you decide how you want to look,? said Fredrik.

He stated that players will be able to alter the appearance of their characters. While Fredrik failed to go into more detailed information, it?s fair to say that the game is going to have a strong depth into it.

Tom Clancy?s The Division will be coming out next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.



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