New ?Daredevil? Season 2 Teaser Shows Elektra and The Punisher in Action

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Daredevil Season 2

Marvel fans are excited for ?Daredevil? Season 2 as it is only a couple of days away from being released. The upcoming season couldn?t come any sooner for Daredevil fans as they have been teased with the new additions to the show over the past couple of weeks. Netflix has released two promotional videos featuring Elektra and The Punisher, respectively. Now the latest teaser from Netflix shows even more of the two new additions to the hit show.

According to ScreenRant, the latest promotional video for ?Daredevil? features our hero together with Elektra and The Punisher as they fight against goons and ninjas which are presumably working for the new villain, The Hand. The short 26 second promo is jam-packed with action and could be a sign at what everyone can expect in the second season of the popular show.

ScreenRant added that the new promo video also shows our three major characters in their final costumes. While the three have been featured in previous promotional teaser videos for the show, this is the first time that they are seen wearing what is expected to be the costumes that they will be donning as they fight evildoers alongside each other.

While ?Daredevil? Season 2 is almost upon us, not a lot of fans actually have a good idea of what to expect. Marvel and Netflix has been extraordinarily good at keeping the lid on the upcoming storyline and thus has maintained the excitement and mystery for all its fans to enjoy.

If you have not seen ?Daredevil? Season 1 then you still have time to binge watch every episode of the first season on Netflix before Season 2 finally arrives on March 18. Be sure to check back here for more news and updates on ?Daredevil? as well as other hit television shows.

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