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New Cards, New Fights – Injustice: Gods Among Us Improves Game

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The release of Injustice: Gods Among Us for both Android and iOS has been heralded as a good move for giving DC a fighting chance. While so far, Marvel has the ?Marvel vs. Capcom? series, Injustice actually gives players more options as to playing DC related heroes. So far, Netherrealm has done a great job of keeping the game light and entertaining for gamers.

The objective of the game is to control a rampaging alternate world Superman as he strives to bring everything under his control. Driven crazy by a plot hatched by an alternate world Joker, Superman then takes on all challengers, even if that means going against a group of his former comrades combined with villains, led by his closest friend, Bruce Wayne a.k.a the Batman.

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While it is a fighting game when played on consoles, in mobile devices it is played out as a card game although there are also battles like the ones available on the console. The only difference is you collect different cards that you use as your player characters. There are cards that you can use for battles, cards that serve as support, and cards that enable your characters to use abilities and have skills that are previously not available to them.

A new update has been released for the mobile version of the game, bringing further good news to mobile gamers. Four new challenge characters are made available for this release, as well as bringing in much-awaited improvements when playing the game online. Expect to see Killer Frost, Luchadore Bane, Deathstroke from Arkham Origins and Red Son Batman to provide challenges for your fighting team. The Killer Frost character update is already available, remaining live until July 13th. The system for determining how many challenge levels you?ve defeated is also reworked, making it easy for you to track them and the rewards as well.

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The other improvement brought about by the update is the reworking of the online multiplayer option of this game. It was first introduced way back in the 2.0 update for the game in April. Since there were many complaints regarding the usage of Elite characters, the multiplayer has been tweaked to become more challenging for teams using these characters. It?s a good thing for gamers and low-leveled characters, since before, when you?re using an Elite character, they tend to be over powered. Low-leveled and non-Elite characters virtually had no chance since the Elite characters enjoyed a sort of unfair advantage before the update.

While you?re playing, you may notice that quests and such are repetitive, and the only way you can level your character up is if you participate in battles both online and in single player. With the new Bonus Missions section that rolls out with the update, another way of getting rewards and leveling up is added. These are specific goals and missions that you need to complete while you?re in online multiplayer.

The game, even without the updates, is a fun and educational game to play; educational in the sense that you get interested and learn more about the different facets of a character. Be sure to check out the Injustice game, available for both Android OS and iOS.

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