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New Battery for Phone Only Takes 30 Seconds to Be Fully-Charged

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New Battery for Phone Only Takes 30 Seconds to Be Fully-Charged

Tel Aviv, Israel ? The newest battery for the phone will only take 30 seconds to get the material fully-charged.

All your woes regarding cellphone batteries are so close to coming to an end. You can say goodbye to these problems now that Storedot, a company based in Israel will be working hard with a wonderful battery. You do not have to charge your smartphones overnight because you can just set your alarm for 30 seconds and pull the plug off after that.

So far, there are only prototypes from the company. They say that it will take some time, about three years, before it is fully distributed in the market.

Integration of a Battery in a Smartphone

The best thing about the battery is that it will be available for all smartphones. It is not solely sold by one smartphone company alone. This means that it only serves as an accessory to the phone. All those who already have existing phones will only rely on a new battery, not an entirely new phone.

They will be using bio-organisms to further better the performance from the product. They will also key in nanocrystals in the material. This is a product that has been very efficient to the Israel Alzheimer?s community.

Better Technology Put Into Better Play

They have invested so much effort to make this happen. There could be no other way of telling how much they have studied microscopic materials to work on this. They have come up with memory chips that are way better than the traditional ones.

Also, the battery will hold better materials for the environment. They have ditched cadmiums that could produce more toxins to the place. However, this will cost 30 to 40 percent more for the buyers. This is just the cause of manufacturing alone so they can expect the prices to be higher than 50 to 60 percent even.

Right now, they are working on a facility that will hasten the process. They can easily work with it if they will come up with a material that will do the chemical process for them.

Today, we already have the best of smartphones but its battery life is still questionable. Are you willing to wait that long for such a brilliant invention? Also, many attempts have already been done to make batteries better, but none has significantly helped the industry. Will this be the sole exception?

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