A new battery only charges once a week may be included in Samsung Galaxy S8

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While Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge is set to be released in the consumer market, latest reports suggest that the South Korean company is planning to solve the battery problem of smartphones.

Samsung has always been focusing on hardware specs apart from introducing new smartphones throughout the year. It has manufactured its own processors and camera and has used it in their flagship devices.

Now, Samsung has decided to get rid of the battery problem which is prevalent since the smartphones were introduced. The company might be planning to upgrade the current lithium-ion batteries to a new development for fuel cells. This upgrade would boost the standby time of the battery. Moreover, it could be used in electric cars to double their range, reports Pocket-Lint.

Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea has discovered a new battery which is developed from miniaturised solid oxide fuel cell.

Samsung has been spending a lot of money on the research and development which could mean that we can hope this new battery may be packed in the upcoming smartphone. i.e Samsung Galaxy S8.

It is for the first time that any company has ever combined porous stainless steel with thin-film electrolyte and electrodes. The university says that the battery is of ?minimal heat capacity?. This battery is also more durable than other batteries.

Users will have to charge the batteries once in a week and could also fly a drone for an hour at a time according to the university. However, the arrival of batteries is unknown but development for industrial uses is expected.

The development is huge as a lot of battery announcements focuses on the creation of the tech but somehow fails in implementing it. For now, we can only expect that the battery may be soon included in the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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