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New Batman Game At PSX 2016? New Features Inspired By Shadow Of Mordor [Leak]

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Rumors have been circling about a new Batman game getting announced. Unlike Arkham Knight, this new game will supposedly be developed by WB Montreal, the same team that made Arkham Origins. In addition to this game, there might also be one based on Suicide Squad. Also getting development from WB Montreal, this has been teased since the end of Arkham Origins.

According to these rumors, the game will be set sometime after Arkham Knight and star Damian Wayne. Comic fans know him as the current Robin, but there have been alternate future comics where he was Batman. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier even stated on Twitter that the new game would have a nemesis system, which was also in Shadow of Mordor.

PSX Goes Batty?

Considering the amount of titles possibly coming to PSX, a new Batman game would be great. One not starring Bruce Wayne is a pretty status altering move. However, DC can benefit from this by introducing gamers to Damian Wayne, a long time member of the Bat Family.

It will be interesting to see how gameplay changes, since Damian has always been more ruthless than Bruce or the other Robins. This, plus the Suicide Squad game, could give fans plenty of superhero games to get excited about. It was already confirmed that the new Spider-Man game would not make appearances until 2017, so DC can gain some momentum.

Smart DCsions?

Now that Rocksteady has finished their time with the Dark Knight, it will be interesting to see how WB Montreal does. They did work on Arkham Origins, an underrated game that suffered for very few changes in the gameplay. Perhaps an HD remake of the game and Arkham Origins: Blackgate is now a possibility?

This new Batman game doesn’t have a release date, but that could be changed tomorrow. With a new protagonist and a feature that was loved from Shadow of Mordor, this could be an interesting title. Add the Suicide Squad game and it’s clear that DC will have a number of cool surprises for gamers.

Fans that want more Bat action can pick up Batman: Arkham Knight right now on the PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version is not very good. Return to Arkham is also available for purchase on both consoles.

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