New ?The Bachelorette? Revealed – Caila Quinn Replaced

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There will be new ?Bachelorette.? And nope, it?s not Caila Quinn. (Sorry Caila fans, there are things that aren?t meant to be for her.)

The chosen next Bachelorette is? (drum roll please!) JoJo Fletcher! Yes, she is this year?s runner up in the recently concluded installment of ?The Bachelor.? This is according to the report of Christian Post.

As expected, the decision to replace Quinn by Fletcher stirs debate among the avid viewers of the reality series. Many have been disappointed by the turnaround of events, saying the show started to lack in ?diversity? when it came to girls being picked for the show.

Previously, The Bitbag had reported that it was Quinn whom the show will be parading when it returns on the television. Reports revealed that Quinn had already taped her introductory video as the 12th Bachelorette.

Should Quinn become the bachelorette, she will be the first non-white girl to banner the show. But that seems something that?s not going to happen anymore. Quinn is a half Filipina, while Fletcher is of Persian descent. According to the new Bachelorette, as posted in the article, “I’m proud of my mother’s background despite what social opinions are. It’s important for me to stand up to people stereotyping Iranians.”

Meanwhile, E! News said a source close to the show bared that Fletcher?s storyline was the deciding point on why she got the role, thus ousting Quinn. According to the source, Fletcher?s story was more compelling, given the pain she have to go through after being rejected by Ben Higgins.

It should be remembered that Fletcher went home with no rose during the finale of ?The Bachelor? Season 20. Higgins picked Lauren Bushnell instead of Fletcher, who returned to her home in Texas.

How about you? Who do you prefer to take on the role of next ?The Bachelorette??

Watch “The Bachelorette” season 12 as it premiered on May 23 on ABC.

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