New Apple iPhone not developer friendly…

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Apple set the mobile media?world buzzing with speculation on?its newest project, the iPhone, featuring a widescreen, touch-sensitive display. With music and video playback, internet connectivity, and unique touch screen, consumers and developers alike are no doubt salivating at the potential of this new device. But how much slack will third party developers get to work with on this new mobile companion??

From what it seems, not much. Apple has stated that the new iPhone will be a closed platform, which won’t give prospective developers much room to make killer aps for the new generation of cellular phones. Apple likes to retain a tight control over their products, for whatever reason, and that can only limit the marketing ability of these limited devices.

A little disappointing, but perhaps Apple will learn that by letting third-party developers produce applications and software, they can create more of a demand for their product. We can only hope…?



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