New Angry Birds Game Coming in September!

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There?s a new Angry Birds game coming to town called Angry Birds Stella. Rovio, makers of the Angry Birds series, mentioned that the mobile game will be a spinoff title of the series and that the game will be coming this September.

Stella is a fun and feisty bird with an always up for a challenge attitude. In the coming game, Stella isn?t alone. She brings 5 of her fierce friends with her. The other birds are named Poppy, Willow, Dahlia, Luca, and Princess Gale. These birds live in a never before seen corner of the Angry Birds Universe called Golden Island. The new game?s characters have strong and quirky personalities that often end up in clashes, but the strong bond of friendship and love for fun keeps them together through each and every adventure. These characters are bffs (best friends forever), for most of the time.

Stella?s story is designed to both engage and entertain the players. It is about courage, fun, and being daring enough to be you. The spirit of female heroism and friendship is also in the game so it should appeal nicely to new female players, especially with the younger demographic due to the cute animations.

Each character is, of course, unique and powerful in their own ways and by banding together, they take their adventures to new heights and prove that true friends are there for each other through every single battle. Being together, though also ramps up their mischief.

Veteran players of the game shouldn?t think that this game is just a cutesy version of the game though. Rovio promises that the game will have new powers that will challenge even the veteran Angry Birds players.

This latest game follows the footsteps of the Angry Birds Star Wars series as it will also use Rovio?s Telepods. Telepods are physical toys that will unlock new characters within the game.

The Stella game was announced by Rovio earlier in the year. Aside from the spinoff game, Rovio is also working on three original animated series. These series will air in November in six minute episode segments.

Photo Source: Rovio blog

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