Neverwinter PS4 MMO Gets July Release Date, Non-PS Plus Members Can Play The Game

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Based on the popular Dungeons and Dragons franchise, Neverwinter PS4 is finally coming on July 19 after years of being in the Xbox One and Windows PC. The free-to-play MMO will come with all of the expansions that have been released thus far, all of which will be free with the game.

According to the PlayStation Blog, most fans will be able to play it on the aforementioned release date, but those who want to play the game a bit earlier can do so a week early on July 12 by paying US$19.99 for the Head Start pack. Not only does this pack give players early access to the MMO; they also get the Onyx weapon pack and other goodies.

Since this will be one of the most updated versions of the game, fans can expect to see character classes that appeared much later for PC and Xbox One fans, like the Wizard. It?s definitely very inviting for those who have never played it before and maybe even for those who have only briefly played it.

As if the main game isn?t enough to get excited about, there is another expansion of the game coming out later this year. Christened as Neverwinter: Storm King?s Thunder, this expansion pack will also be free for players to get and participate in.

What?s really surprising about the Neverwinter PS4 version is it can be played online by those who have not subscribed to PlayStation Plus. Most of the time, fans have to pay monthly for PS Plus to have access to online play, along with a special discount for sales and two free games every month. It?s definitely a surprising move for a free-to-play MMO, but this should get players curious enough to try the game.

Players only have a few short weeks before Neverwinter comes to the PS4 on July 19. It?s interesting to see a big MMO come to the PS4 after a long period of being available on other consoles, especially with MMO giants like Overwatch taking over the multiplayer landscape. Neverwinter PS4 is free though and fans should definitely give it a try.

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