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If you are a fan of puzzle or platform games with a little story mixed in between, then you should watch out for this new game. Never Alone is one of the most anticipated puzzle-platformer games with a mix of Alaskan culture.

Never Alone received ?applause from some developers and gamers as well. It might not be your favorite genre but the game features a beautiful depiction of the Alaskan way of life. The design is quite remarkable and intriguing.

You can check this video and see what it looks like.

If you ask me, the game gives a familiar sensation with just like the one Limbo has. That unnatural calmness gives me the creeps but that?s what gives this game a thrill.

Also, the game is teaching us about the culture of Alaska. It is quite difficult to give information in a game. You have to create?a good story to be applied in the game while teaching players about Alaska.

In the game, you will play as a little Alaskan kid. You will embark on a journey with your little white fox. The game is a bit tricky. You can control both characters in the game. The kid can push blocks of ice and the fox can climb ?walls and fit through small cracks. The game will totally take a lot?of your time but it is definitely entertaining.

The story of the game was based on the Inupiat?s folktale. As you play the game, you will be able to explore their desolate land. You will also learn some of Inupiat?s beliefs. Most of the stories that you will encounter are some folktales created on the sole purpose of scaring children to stay indoors. They even tell stories about the spirits lurking in the aurora borealis. But overall, it is quite educational.

The game is expected to be out this November, since it is Native American History Month.

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