Netflix ‘The OA’ News, Plot & Release Date: Weird Twitter and Instagram Posts Set Stage for New Original Series

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Netflix The OA

Netflix just dropped ultimately disturbing posts on Twitter that will make its viewers close their laptops/phones for five minutes after watching it. Fans of Netflix?s latest original series, The OA, is setting the bar for all the strange TV shows people have watched their entire lives, and its promotional video is no exception.

Netflix The OA

The thing is, the show hasn?t been released yet and it?s already giving everybody the chills. And if Netflix is just releasing all of these things for advertisement, they sure as heck are doing a good job.

What?s in Netflix?s The OA Promotional Video

Netflix recently tweeted a couple of cryptic messages that weirded out the Twitter community. The streaming company dropped questions such as ?Have you seen death?? and ?Have you seen darkness?? They?even shared what seems to be a video taken using a cellphone of a woman jumping off a bridge.

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Meanwhile, just when everybody thought Twitter was the only social media platform that Netflix is going to use for their marketing stunt, the company also decided to start a storm on Instagram. Netflix made an Instagram account for The OA, and they?ve already filled everybody?s feeds with posters and videos that people would just want to unsee.

However, it?s seriously causing uneasiness to everybody who?s seen it. Some were even disappointed about how Netflix is using the suicide video as a marketing stunt.

Some Twitter users asked Netflix to delete the video, saying that some people have dealt with suicide in real life, and that the video is just making these people remember their experience. On the contrary, others believe that it?s a good strategy to promote the upcoming series.

The OA, Plot

Netflix?s latest original series, The OA is about a young woman who has been missing for seven years. Seems usual? It doesn?t end there.

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The thing is, this woman was blind when she was reported missing, only to come back with two working eyes. According to Entertainment Weekly, viewers will also find out the entire story of this woman.?She will recall everything that happened to her in that entire seven years.

The only good news in this article is that people don?t have to wait for seven years to finally see Netflix?s The OA on their television screens as it premieres this Friday, December 16.

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