Netflix October 2016: Release Dates of New Originals This Fall

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October Netflix Originals shows
Netflix Originals in October

After an explosive September releases including the Narcos Season 2 and the yet to debut Marvel?s Luke Cage, Netflix is bringing in another batch of New Originals for its October 2016 schedule. October will see the return of the sitcom The Ranch, the third season of the newly acquired sci-fi series Black Mirror as well as documentaries and a Netflix Originals movie, Mascots.

Here?s the full Schedule for Netflix Originals that is exclusive to the streaming site:

The 13th, October 7th

Producer Ava DuVernay?s documentary, The 13th, is an in-depth coverage of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution that states ?Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States.?

DuVernay takes a deep dive into the U.S.?s history with this amendment and the modern form of slavery in the mass criminalization of millions of Americans.

Russell Peters: Almost Famous October 7th

Netflix October

The Canadian standup comedian Russell Peters is back with the taping of his new comedy tour called Almost Famous. The comedy once again is going to feature issues on race and family.

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The Ranch: Season 1 Part 2 October 7th ? Not available in Korea

The Ranch Season 1 Part 2 release date

Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson, the duo from That 70s Show, unite for comedy sitcom The Ranch. The show takes place in the Iron River Ranch in Garrison, Colorado, detailing the life of two brothers trying to run a business. The first 10 episodes of the series premiered on April 1, 2016. The Part 2?s batch of 10 episodes will be released this October.

Mascots ? Movie, October 13th

The mockumentary sees several sports mascots compete for the World Mascot Association championship’s Gold Fluffy Award.

Haters Back Off, October 14th

Netflix is going after YouTube talent with Haters Back Off. The show tells the story of YouTuber Colleen Ballinger or known as PsychoSoprano and her rise to fame.

Black Mirror: Season 3, October 21st

Midnight Diner -TOKYO Stories, October 21st

The Japanese drama tells the story of a diner that?s open from midnight to 7 a.m. and only provides its patrons with whatever they request.

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Joe Rogan: Triggered, October 21st

Another comedy standup, Triggered, will be Joe Rogan?s first foray into the world of Netflix Originals.

Into the Inferno, October 28th


The documentary sees producer Werner Herzog and volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer travel across the world looking at the world?s most dangerous volcanoes.

Other TV shows Coming in October:

October 12th

Good Witch ? Season 2 DVD Only
When Calls the Heart ? Season 3 DVD Only
Mike & Molly ? Season 6 DVD Only
Portlandia ? Season 6
The Musketeers ? Season 3 DVD Only

October 4th

American Horror Story ? Season 5/Hotel DVD Only
Preacher ? Season 1
Vikings ? Season 4 DVD Only
Penny Dreadful ? Season 3 Instant Streaming Available


Bates Motel ? Season 4
Scott & Bailey ? Series 5

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