Netflix Marvel Movies: 4 New Hero Flicks Being Secretly Filmed?

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Netflix Marvel
Netflix Marvel

Marvel is already beating the DC Universe in the bigger screen as even the highly anticipated Suicide Squad couldn?t impress critics. Lately, it seems that Marvel is planning to overtake DC also in the small screens as rumors suggest that the studios are filming four pilot episodes for Netflix as part of their development slate with the streaming site.

Though by and large Netflix?s Marvel series – Daredevil and Jessica Jones – received praise from fans and critics alike, they?re not as successful as DC?s Arrow and Flash universe?which is expanding even more with Supergirl as part of their team.

Marvel too would like to see more successful shows on television and Bleeding Cool?s new scoop alleges that a character by the name of White Tiger is the subject of one of the mystery pilots by the studio.

There are several characters in the Marvel Comics that have gone by the name of White Tiger, but Bleeding Cool learned that this is a female actor. The series, therefore, could possibly be focusing on Angela del Toro, who is set with Jessica Jones and Daredevil in the comic book world. Angela is a former FBI agent in the comics and works in the Bronx, so she would definitely fit with Marvel?s New York approach in their Netflix shows.

Netflix is also set to premiere their third Marvel series with Luke Cage debuting September 30. Though the series has yet to launch, there are already rumors that Simone Missick, who plays Misty Knight for the show as well as on Iron Fist, could get her own spinoff series. It could be entirely possible that Marvel may be making another pilot for her.

There are also rumors of The Punisher making it to Netflix earlier in 2017 than its promised launch later in 2018. There is a possibility that Marvel may be shooting a pilot for Frank Castle but this is mere speculation.

However, these rumors were refuted by several reporters since Netflix doesn?t typically ask for pilots to be filmed. The streaming service?s history shows that it simply hands out full series orders or it doesn?t develop the series at all. Moreover, Netflix already has a lot of material for the future as it already has Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones 2, Daredevil 3, The Defenders, The Punisher and others lined up until 2020.

Still, it is possible that Marvel executives may have opted to produce several short films to sell as new series to Netflix or maybe ABC as they?re supposed to have a meeting with the network president this week. The one-shot produced for Agent Carter was what ended up selling the series to ABC three years ago without a pilot ever being filmed.

For now, fans have Luke Cage to look forward to as it debuts September 30.

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