Netflix Infinite Runner Game Features Characters From Stranger Things, Narcos, and More!

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Netflix Infinite Runner

Tired of streaming television shows at Netflix? It’s about time you try Netflix Infinite Runner.

Haven’t heard of it? Netflix figured out that besides releasing some quality TV shows and featured films, they might as well give their fans a good ‘ol game too.

What is Netflix Infinite Runner?

From the name itself, the Netflix Infinite Runner is a pixelated endless running game, with obstacles injected every now and then. Players can choose from four players, namely: Pablo Escobar, Marco Polo, Piper Chapman, and Mike Wheeler.

Yep. Netflix thought it would be witty to use the most popular characters from their original shows. Pablo Escobar from Narcos, Marco Polo from Marco Polo, Piper Chapman from Orange is the New Black and Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things.

So every single time people are playing the Infinite Runner Game, all they’ll ever think about is how hilarious their favorite characters jump over random people. And it’s really easy to play. So easy, players only need the space bar to survive the game.

Actually no, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Especially when special villains come out of nowhere and hit the character from the back. (Seriously? How do you get away from that?!) The game even gets faster as time goes by.

So players will STILL probably see themselves restart the game over and over and over again. Not to scare anyone off, but it’s basic gameplay is addicting AF.

Netflix Infinite RunnerNetflix Infinite Runner

Besides dressing up as their favorite characters, players are also bound to see themselves in different levels set in different worlds. The game still features the places in their famous shows.

Infinite Runner features places such as jungles of Columbia, the Hawkins National Laboratory, and a prison. It even features the theme tune of the four shows.

Netflix Video Gaming Rental Cancellation

According to Engadget, fans are aware that the Infinite Runner Netflix is Netflix’s one of the many creative marketing strategies. Contrarily, some are still quite disappointed about the cancellation of Netflix’s video game rental service.

Still, releasing the  Netflix Infinite Runner might also be the door for the streaming company to work on more gaming projects.

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