Netflix The Crown Series Versus Downton Abbey: Peter Morgan Believes the Two are Completely Different from Each Other

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Netflix The Crown Series
Netflix The Crown Series

Cast and crew of the Netflix The Crown series denies allegations that the show has vast similarities with Downton Abbey. Even writer Peter Morgan thinks it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

King George VI, played by Jared Harris in the period piece, said that the shows are completely different in their focus. In a press conference held in London on November 1, the Mad Men star explained to the media that it was not like Downton Abbey. It’s completely different because Downton Abbey was concerned with class and this show is concerned with power, which is a completely different subject. That was his take on it.

Even Morgan, who wrote the 10-part series, had the same feelings about the issue and said he’d never thought about Downton Abbey when he was penning the script for The Crown. The screenwriter said that he had a lot of respect for what Julian Fellowes did and what Downton Abbey has become. He said it was a huge success and indeed they should be flattered for being compared to them.

He continued by saying, “I suppose I’m just stupid, we never gave Downton a single thought when we were making it and I suppose we’re all a bit surprised we’re being compared to Downtown having made it,” as per Express.

The Intriguing Connection

A long time ago, Queen Elizabeth had a best friend named Henry George Reginald Molyneux Herbert, the son of the sixth Earl. Porchie was known as Lord Porchester before he inherited his father’s title, thus the nickname. He graduated from Eton and served as a member of the Royal Horse Guards in World War II. The most intriguing part of their history though was this: he was born at Highclere Castle, his family’s seat. But people better know the 6,000 acre estate in Hampshire, England as Downtown Abbey. So Queen Elizabeth’s lifelong friend’s family owns Downton Abbey since 1679. Some 337 long years have passed since then, and yes, Queen Elizabeth was once a visitor there.

According to Vanity Fair, the Queen wrote about her friend’s demise back in 2001, “Nothing that can be said can begin to take away the anguish and the pain of these moments. Grief is the price we pay for love.

And some people think being royalty is so easy. Sure, they have a lot of perks. But they?re not immune to the pain, suffering and heartaches that ordinary human beings endure. That should be a comforting thought, don?t you think?

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