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Netflix Confirms Second Korean Drama Series ‘Kingdom’, Details Revealed

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Netflix confirmed its second Korean drama, much to the delight of Hallyu fans. The series will be a first-of-its-kind zombie period thriller titled Kingdom. The streaming giant made the announcement and gave project details last Monday.

Fused genres

Kingdom is an original Netflix series that will be set during Korea’s medieval Joseon era. It will narrate the story of a crowned prince that will investigate a mysterious outbreak. Genres will be combined using fused elements of historical dramas and zombie action stories.

Fans would know that costume Korean dramas are very common among Hallyu TV shows and movies. However, more writers and directors have recently ventured into the zombie genre. This is said to be due to the success of hit 2016 thrillers, such as the films Train to Busan and The Wailing.

Gong Yoo of ‘Train To Busan’ [Photo: Tune Media]

Geniuses behind Netflix Korean Drama ‘Kingdom’

Hollywood Reporter detailed that the show will run for eight episodes. Filmmaker Kim Seong-hun of the 2016 summer hit Tunnel will direct it. Kim Eun-hee, who wrote the blockbuster TV series Signal, penned its story all the way back in 2011. Korean TV drama production company Astory will produce the highly-anticipated project.

Kim Seong-hun said that he is thrilled to partner with Kim Eun-hee. The movie guru said that Kingdom will give him the chance to “work on longform television on a truly cinematic scale.” The fact that it is backed by Netflix will also supposedly give it “unparalleled creative freedom.”

Kim Eun-Hee shared how he began to write Kingdom over five years ago. He said that he wanted to tackle “fears and anxiety of modern times.” However, he chose to make it more unique by setting the plot during the fascinating Joseon era.

Based on the creator’s descriptions, the blended genres might put the series at risk for being too complicated. Nonetheless, they said they are happy to be working with Netflix for it. According to the two, it will help them “unlock [their] creative vision for ‘Kingdom.’”

Netflix bosses also added that they are very eager about the series. It reportedly captured their imaginations from the moment they first reviewed the script. They got even more excited when Seong-Hun and Eun-Hee explained the “visual feast of historical drama and supernatural fantasy.”

Premiere details

Kingdom will air exclusively for Netflix subscribers in 190 countries by 2018. Aside from this, the network will also debut its first Korean original series, Love Alarm. The comic strip-inspired story is also slated to premiere next year.

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