Netflix Buys New Will Smith Movie for $90M

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The global streaming provider, Netflix, looks into boosting its original movie line-up as well as it has been revealed that they have just won the bid for the rights to an upcoming movie, which will star Will Smith.

According to a report from BGR, Netflix dropped a huge amount of money just to buy the rights to a film entitled ?Bright?. The streaming company was able to beat out several major movie studios with a bid of a whopping $90 million. While there haven?t been a lot of details yet about the film, early rumblings have it being directed by David Ayer with Joel Edgerton joining Smith as the main cast of the movie.

The film, which was written by Max Landis, is said to be a cop thriller set in a world where mythical creatures live alongside man. The huge amount of money paid by Netflix may have come as a surprise to some, but Deadline reports that the company was prepared to pay big for the film as their executives believe that the movie could become a franchise film in the future.

Bright is going to continue the strategy of Netflix in investing a lot of money for its original content line-up. So far, the approach has worked with countless fans are flocking to see one Netflix hit show after another. It remains to be seen if Bright is also going to be a big success but with Will Smith, a great writer and an awesome director on board for the film, signs point to that being the case as well.

Netflix has become one of the major players when it comes to making original programming over the past couple of years. With major original series, such as Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Narcos, Making a Murderer and Daredevil, Netflix has really found success with their creating original content.

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