Netflix August 2016: Complete List Of New Movies, TV Shows, Original Titles

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Netflix?s August 2016 list of new shows and movies is filled with brand new and returning originals. It looks like kids will be kept busy during their breaks with new additions such as The Little Prince?? which follows a young girl and her older friend on a series of story-based adventures based on the well-loved children?s books.

Another big hit we?re sure to see this month is The Get Down which is somewhat comparable with Vinyl from HBO.

We?re also seeing Funny or Die Presents: Donald Trump?s The Art of the Deal: The Movie. The story is inspired by The Donald?s real bestselling book and features Johnny Depp, Ron Howard and a number of comedian actors.

As for TV series and documentaries, Netflix gives us Once Upon A Time in which viewers can see a different side of their favorite Disney characters in a darker reality setting. Documentary wise, we will be having three this month with originals from Netflix. One is on Donald Trump and other one is called Fearless which is all about bullfighting. The third documentary talks about the climate change and it?s entitled Al Gore?s An Inconvenient Truth.

Another Netflix original we could all be excited for is I?ll Sleep When I?m Dead from the creators of Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It tells about the life of EDM producer and DJ Steve Aoki and how he is able to maintain balance between his work and the life outside of it.

For movies, we have the biggest titles which include Fast and Furious films, the return of Sandler, Big Daddy, the third Final Destination movie and Star Trek.

And of course, Netflix could never fail to give us some classics. Some of the titles we?ll be having are the oft-quoted kids? flick The Sandlot, the early-2000s reboot of Charlie?s Angels, and Eddie Murphy comedy The Nutty Professor.

To ensure you never miss out on anything, here is a full preliminary list of everything currently scheduled. It looks like there is plenty for everyone!

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