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Net Neutrality: What it is and What Nokia Thinks is Wrong with It

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The topic of the net neutrality towards certain subjects has been gaining traction.

Over the weekend and this past week, as per CBS News, the issue of net neutrality has been discussed here and there, with the FCC voting 3-2 to allow neutrality in the web. But what is neutrality on the Web, anyway? Why is it such a big thing, and why does Nokia seem to be so affected by it? Nokia, the same smartphone company which Microsoft has acquired only last year, is up in arms about net neutrality. They have their own reasons, and it?s interesting to note how practical these reason sound.

So here we take a look at these articles from CBS News and CNET. Nokia?s reasons aside, what is net neutrality for and how can it be both a blessing and a curse? Everything comes with a specific reason and each reason elicits a reaction. Here?s where we take a look at net neutrality and how it affects both big companies and us as users of the web, and therefore, investors in the web as well.

Net neutrality explained

Net neutrality is currently in the news.

As per CBS News, the explanation for net neutrality simplified is like that of a congested highway. Net neutrality refers to the equality of the speed of information delivery websites can have. Let?s say that there are express lanes and, as per CBS News, these lanes are given to privileged companies with the power to pay higher ?toll fees? than other companies who aren?t as lucky. In short, the companies who can will have an easy time delivering information than those who can?t.

That?s what net neutrality is trying to achieve?equal information dissemination speed for everyone, regardless if you can pay that bill or not. It?s an issue that is still up for grabs, and a divisive one that might have enemies becoming friends and friends becoming enemies. More to come as the issue is discussed in-depth.

The Effect of Net neutrality on Innovation according to Nokia

Nokia is just one of the companies who thinks Net neutrality may not be so good after all.

Nokia is espousing the use of automated cars and, as such, these cars may suffer the brunt of net neutrality, as per CNET. The electric car industry is reliant on the heavy use of the Web to make their cars traverse highways. Net neutrality might actually aid in clogging that highway, thereby putting drivers at risk of over-shooting their destination, or worse, find themselves unable to use the Web to find their destination through GPS.

That seems a little too blown-out-of-proportions, but they do have a point. Cars like what Nokia is fighting for?even non-electric cars?use GPS. There might be instances when the GPS can help truly, and help hindered isn?t help at all.

One side of the story

As with any issue, net neutrality does give some good and bad to consumers. It?s a matter of knowing what to hinder and what to allow that will make the difference on both sides of the story. The issue of net neutrality is just starting to heat up, so we will observe as information gets more available.


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