NES Mini Famicom Is Back In Stock; Where To Buy Online

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NES Mini Famicom

Play Asia officially declared that Nintendo fans can buy Japanese NES Mini Famicom for as low as $129.99. The players can take the advantage of this deal until stocks last. So, if you are planning to gift something affordable and innovative to your family and friends, then grab this deal.

Play-Asia is the best platform to find out the best gaming console deals. The retailer even sells overseas. So, you can import your NES Mini Famicom at anywhere in the world.

Features of Japanese NES Mini Famicom

Play-Asia announced that the Japanese NES mini Famicom has slightly different features when compared to the Western version of the classic NES. It has wired controllers which are inseparable from the consoles. This is something bizarre as the players have to stick to their specific distance for playing games. It seems that the gaming console is back in its original form.

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NES mini Famicom Preloaded Games

Japanese NES mini Famicom also features 30 preloaded games. Some of them are exclusively added for Japanese players. Here is the full list of games that are preloaded in the NES Mini Famicom. ?

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  • ???? Donkey Kong
  • ???? Mario Bros.
  • ???? Super Mario Bros.
  • ???? Super Mario USA (Super Mario Bros. 2)
  • ???? Super Mario Bros. 3
  • ???? The Legend of Zelda
  • ???? The Legend of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link
  • ???? Dr. Mario
  • ???? Akumajou Dracula (Castlevania)
  • ???? Metroid
  • ???? Kirby’s Adventure
  • ???? Rockman 2 (Megaman 2)
  • ???? Super Contra (Super C)
  • ???? Double Dragon 2: The Revenge
  • ???? Ninja Gaiden
  • ???? Balloon Fight
  • ???? Galaga
  • ???? Gradius
  • ???? Ice Climber
  • ???? Excitebike
  • ???? Pac-Man
  • ???? Makaimura (Ghosts ‘N Goblins)

So, if you are planning to buy this gaming console, take a note that all the games are in the Japanese language, but it will not affect your gaming experience. It can also be connected with HDMI and USB. Also, the console will be available until stocks last, so hurry up to grab the lucrative offer.

Check out play Asia for this amazing deal.

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