NES Classic Now Comes with a Wireless Receiver

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NES Classic

Besides supply shortage due to high demand, another problem with the much-loved NES Classic Edition is the wire shortage for its tiny console controllers.

Gamers claim that it has a challenge playing in living rooms given the limited cable length space.

NES Classic: Wireless Edition

Various solutions were already formulated online but none of them seem to have fixed the issue 100 percent. Now, the arrival of the 8bitdo?s NES30 Classic Edition Set might be the best choice for NES enthusiasts so far.

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Per The Verge, the set includes two main parts:

1.Retro Receiver

Basically, it?s a Bluetooth adaptor that makes wireless controllers possible to use in a decent range. It is compatible with the Wii remote, Wii U Pro controller, Dual Shock 3 and 4, and any wireless device manufactured by 8bitdo. On the other hand, the adaptor features two version for the original NES and SNES hardware.

All in all, with the retro receiver at hand, console hobbyists can play a three-decade-old game with PS$ controllers.


Another wireless tool capable of an impressive 20-hour battery life comes in handy for the gaming world. The NES30 can also be used to play wireless on OC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

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Both the NES30 controller and the Retro Receiver adapter are available on Amazon at $39.99. A little costly given that the NES Classic itself already costs $60. 8bitdo targets December 16 as the start of their product shipping.

NES Classic Wireless: The third-party company

8Bitdo Tech HK Ltd. is a popular manufacturer and exporter of Bluetooth wireless game controllers all over the globe.

NES Classic

It has a registered capital of five million Hong Kong dollars with more than 10 designers and 20 engineers. Most of 8Bitdo?s suppliers, according to the company website itself, are tech moguls such as Microsoft, Sony, and Samsung.

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