NES Classic Mega Man For Release on Android and iOS; Mobile Releases To Be Optimized With Adjustments

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NES Classic Mega Man is finally coming to Android and iOS. And there will be a bunch of Mega Man that will land on your mobile devices. Mega Man 1 through 6 will all be available on Google Play.

The wait will not be long as the first six games from the original platforming series will be available next month. The news was confirmed through a press release issued by publisher Capcom. The six games are initially released on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

This is the first time that the game is made available on mobile devices. Fans can enjoy every Mega Man game for $2 each.

Mega Man Series

Many are surely delighted about the news of Mega Man coming to Android and iOS. The very first game in the series was released almost 30 years ago. The sixth game was released in 1993.

iOS users have previously enjoyed the ports of Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and Devil May Cry. Android got its first notable Capcom game only recently. It was an upgraded port of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. The game was available as a $16 purchase.

Both Android and iOS users should be glad that Mega Man is coming to both devices. The original games have tight platform controls and exciting boss battles. They also have a legacy of progressive power-ups.

Players fight against the evil Dr. Wily. Aside from Dr. Wily, another enemy appears in the fourth series of the game. His name is Dr. Cossack. Finally in the sixth game comes the enigmatic Mr. X.

The old games are more challenging to control with a touchscreen. Android and iOS users will be delighted to know that the mobile releases will be optimized with adjustments. That sounds like a better gaming experience.

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