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NES Classic Edition, Pokemon GO, and Remastered Titles: Why 2016 Was The Year For Old-School Gamers

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NES Classic Edition, Pokemon GO and several remastered games made big news earlier this year. Regardless of your age, you likely got attracted to the old-school gaming hits that made a comeback this 2016.

Before, the market for retro games and consoles used to be small. However, as digital entertainment experts got older, the niche eventually became more attractive to other gamers.

We have rounded up some of the news related to old-school gaming that made everyone nostalgic this year.

NES Classic Edition

According to a review from Venture Beat, the NES Classic Edition was one of the game-changers this 2016.

Nintendo NES CLassic

Nintendo attempted to capitalize on retro games before. This was through the Virtual Console digital stores that offered old favorites for Wii, Wii U and 3DS. Unfortunately, reviews said that the releases were rather underwhelming.

This is what made the return of the 1985 classic NES such a surprise. Many thought the quirky, miniature control made for a good collectible item. Furthermore, it had 30 built-in titles that eliminated the need to clamor for the games separately. It can also easily play on an HD TV without any hassles.

By December, the console had become one of the fastest-moving products that everyone wanted to try out for their holiday get-togethers.

Retro Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Another popular gaming device from the early 80s was the ZX Spectrum computer. Earlier this year, it announced its comeback with the unveiling of the Retro Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

It is a handheld device with 1000 licensed built-in games. Many were also impressed with the full-color LCD display that was highlighted during the announcement.

Since it has reached its crowdfunding goal last March, patrons can expect them to be officially rolled out by February 2017.

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Remastered games for PS4

Many are also anticipating the return of hit retro titles that were reported earlier this year. 80s and 90s games will be rebooted for new consoles such as PS4. These include Crash Bandicoot, Parappa The Rapper, and Wipeout.


Screenshot from PlayStation’s official YouTube page

Developers have shared that it has been a struggle to balance ?improving? the games and maintaining their old-school vibes.

Re-development woes have also been reported. Those in charge of Crash Bandicoot?s remastered version narrated how codes practically had to be developed from scratch. This is because of how the game?s original material were practically ?unusable? after 20 years.

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Pokemon GO

One of this year?s biggest newsmakers had to be Pokemon GO. The mobile game based on the classic 90s anime series was launched middle of this year. Just hours after its worldwide release, server crashes and hacks were already all over the news.

In relation to Niantic?s runaway hit this 2016, retro gamers also loved the digital release of the original Red, Blue, and Yellow versions. Even though it has been around for around 30 years, the improvements still made its return a magical experience.

Pokemon GO Update

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This 2017, what do you think will follow hits such as the Nintendo NES and return of old school games? Do you think there will be more offerings for retro gamers? Let us know by commenting below and make sure to keep following TheBitBag for updates.

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