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NES Classic Edition: Hackers Succeed In Adding New Games, Hack Tools Are Online

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NES Classic Edition
NES Classic Edition

The NES Classic Edition has been and is still a hot selling item ever since it first made shelves back in November last year. The NES Classic has often been sold out everywhere during the holiday season because of its overwhelming demand.

Its pretty clear to see that many people want the NES’ classic nostalgia inducing games back. The NES Classic Edition boasts 30 of the best NES games such as Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda. However a number of hackers weren’t satisfied with the lineup of games and had decided to hack the NES Classic to add more games!

The More The Merrier

30 games may be more enough for most players but die-hard Nintendo NES fanboys demand the ability to play even more NES classic games. Luckily, the growing modding/hacking community around the NES Classic Edition has been making some great strides lately.

Gamerrant reports that two prominent hackers have been able to modify the NES Classic Edition. The hackers were able to add more NES games to the console beyond the original preloaded 30.

It’s important to note that the two hackers in question come from two distinct regions. One is Japanese while the other is Russian. The Japanese hacker honeylabs had worked on the Japanese Famicon version of the NES Classic edition. Honeylabs has since released his custom tools and instructions to allow other players to load edited game ROMs on the Japanese Famicon version.

The Russian hacker Madmonkey, on the other hand worked on the NES Classic edition. He has also released his own hack tool to allow other to edit ROMs. Madmonkey’s process is pretty tricky but users from different online forums have confirmed that the hack tool works.

Proceed with caution

These two new hacks have succeeded in allowing users to add more games to the two version of the NES Classic Edition. It is important to note that these two latest hacks are still far from perfect. Mistakes in the execution of the hack or unforeseen errors can easily brick a NES Classic Edition rendering it useless.

In addition, users must be careful when downloading the hack tools. 24-hours since Madmonkey’s modding tool had been released, a simplified version of it named hakchi2, which contained a virus was shortly released.

Being able to add more games to the NES Classic Edition is certainly possible now. However, the risks may just outweigh the benefits too much. This however is bound to change overtime when new hack tools from more trusted sources come out.

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